About the Dojo

We are proud to be part of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF) since March 2017. The dojo’s core spirit has existed in the Nihon Goshin Association since 1996 under multiple previous owners and in locations throughout Hernando County Florida. The dojo has always been and will continue as a place to come enjoy time training with fellow aikidoka. Here is a place where we leave the issues of the day at the door and enjoy time with fellow practitioners.

We strive for a relaxed fun environment and while aikido is a martial art, we practice in a safe and mutually respectful manner. Come check out the offered classes for both adults and children the environment is always positively charged. In the kids class, we play games that teach many practical aspects to avoid being a victim of bullying, harassment, or even assault. Violence is not our first response however if we need to defend and protect our own the results can be quite devastating.

Take Action Today!!

See for yourself, Aikido of Hernando County welcomes everyone to come try at free class. This is exercise with purpose! Besides that it has some of the best elements from childhood built into it.  Where else can an adult swing a wooden sword around and not feel foolish in the process? If you take yourself too seriously or are looking to be a fierce competitor I would have to recommend you look elsewhere that is not at all what we are “about” and if that isn’t you please come and check us out!